“I promise to laugh with you…. and cry with you” Mallorca Wedding

Scott and Laura’s wedding in Mallorca has many tales to tell for me personally.

I have known Scott since we worked together in one of my old TV jobs at a shopping channel called Jewellery Maker. We sat alongside each other during the live shows, Scott being the Producer, and me being the Director. It’s fair to say we had a lot of fun, but time came for me to move on. When I found out Scott was engaged to Laura who he had met at Jewellery Maker, I was keen to offer my wedding videography services. Scott said that he would love to have a wedding video, but unfortunately they were getting married in Mallorca.

Now myself and my wife Holly have quite a connection with the island of Mallorca. Soon after getting engaged in 2009 we moved away from the chaos of London to a small village called Alaro in the middle of the Balearic Island to start a different kind of life for ourselves. We moved back to the UK after 14 months, but grew stronger as a couple and as people for the experience.

I felt that I really wanted to be able to create a wedding video for Scott and Laura as I not only knew the area where they were getting married very well, but knew that I could make the trip relatively inexpensively. The opportunity to return to the island was certainly a lure for me, but I also knew that budget was tight. If I was to keep the cost down I would have to do the trip as lightweight as possible.

I would have loved to have taken my drone, gimbal and multiple cameras and tripods, but instead this was going to be stripped back filmmaking. I made my calculations and declared openly to Scott that I could make this happen, but it would be one camera with minimal other kit. So on the 14th July 2018, I made the trip to the South West of Mallorca with one camera, one lens, a monopod, and 3 microphones.

This was to be a great challenge for myself as well as a memorable experience. It is great to have all the filmmaking gadgets which certainly helps to make a top quality wedding video. However shooting this wedding video proved to me that it is less about the equipment you have, as much as it is about the craft of filmmaking. Not to mention the love and connection of the couple getting married which is so evident throughout this video.

Mallorca has a reputation as a party island, but it certainly has it’s romantic side too. Since returning to the UK, myself and Holly have become married and have two beautiful daughters, Poppy and Daisy. I’m certainly looking forward to returning to Mallorca with my girls to show them where their mummy and daddy shared their adventures, and start some more of our own as a family. It was certainly a pleasure to be a part of Scott and Laura’s biggest adventure yet, and I hope I have created a video that holds their memories safe for the rest of their married lives together.

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  1. Scott

    I’ve only just seen this but you couldn’t have summed it up any better. Me & my wife thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you managed to capture. It’s truly amazing and we watch it weekly haha.

    Thank you again Chris!!

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