Chris Daymond - Owner/Videographer

2011 was quite a year. Married. ✓ House. ✓ Baby. ✓ Life changed forever. ✓


There is no one I could be happier to be on this journey of life with than my wife Holly. Getting married is an amazing occasion. Being married is a huge reason to be thankful everyday.

Love has always fascinated me. It comes in so many forms, and so many expressions. Being so close to people on the day that they affirm their love with the person with which they have grown such a strong bond, and having the important job of capturing the day in a way that they can enjoy for a lifetime, is a huge honour for a wedding videographer, and a responsibility that I take very seriously.


I am very lucky to be surrounded by a loving family. Me and my wife Holly now have 2 daughters (I am happy to be writing this as a timeless fact – we are definitely stopping at 2 – they are amazing but yes….. 2 is great!). Poppy and Daisy are incredible and in them I have discovered another kind of love that I never knew was possible.

Any room left in our house is taken up by animals. We have a crazy but incredibly loving cocker spaniel called Baxter, and two ginger tom cats (the Kray twins!) who own the local neighbourhood! When I’m not working, I am usually spending as much time as I can with my family, but when I have the need for some headspace, I enjoy nothing more than getting lost with Baxter in The Forest of Dean where I live.


I truly love filming weddings. Every wedding is unique. But more importantly every couple has a unique relationship and for that reason I ensure every film that I create is unique also. What is right for one couple would be wrong for another. But that’s my responsibility. To get under the skin of a what makes a couple tick, and create a film that is right for them.

Simply put, I love telling stories. There are many stories yet to be told, and I am here, ready to tell yours.

More about the team coming soon...