“You and our beautiful boys are my world” Penarth Pier Wedding

Since having children of my own I have been lucky enough to discover an incredibly powerful love.

Me and my wife Holly had our first child soon after getting married. In fact we had the magical experience of finding out that Holly was pregnant whilst being on our honeymoon. When Poppy came into our lives I remember an overwhelming feeling of emotion that I’m sure nothing will ever match.

When I film a wedding with a couple who have had children, I am very aware that there is this incredible extra layer of love and tenderness that is so special to capture throughout the day.

Ross and Becky have created a wonderful life for themselves. Surrounded by loving family within the town of Penarth, one of the nicest parts of Cardiff Bay. They have three lovely boys that they clearly adore. Their wedding felt like a celebration of a beautiful life they have created up to this point, full of fun, friends and family.

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