“The luckiest day for me, was the day I met Cara” Sudeley Castle Wedding

When I met my wife Holly in the summer of 2003, we knew that we would only have a fleeting few months together before we would then be apart. Of course at the time we had no idea we would go on to become husband and wife with two lovely daughters.

Holly was only just beginning university at the time in Swansea, and I was entering my third year at Bristol. Yes we were young (many would say foolish!) and we were willing to give the long distance relationship a go. It would be 3 years until we actually lived in the same postal area. That dedication we showed to each other to make it work in those early days I believe has help cement us as a strong unit together.

Niall and Cara met at the Cheltenham Races. After their own fleeting moment they were to be separated by the Irish Sea for some time until Cara made the move over to Galway to be nearer to Niall.

All relationships require levels of commitment and sacrifice in order to work. I feel a close affiliation with relationships that have been able to break through any geographical barriers, and have become stronger as a result. It was a pleasure to be a part of Niall & Cara’s day when they made that ultimate commitment to each other.

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